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Category Archives: Top 10 Kitchen & Bath Design Trends

Top 10 Kitchen & Bath Design Trends 10

                                    10 of 10 Open Concept Bathroom Open plan bathrooms are more prevalent than ever and are not defined or confined by size. With the design centered on the efficiency of a bathroom space with very little in Continue Reading

Top 10 Kitchen & Bath Design Trends 9

                    9 of 10 Tile in Totality Tile is making its presence known in contemporary bathrooms; occupying more and more wall, floor and backsplash space. At the center of this master bathroom is a Japanese soaking tub, and with the bathing experience being a significant part Continue Reading

Top 10 Kitchen & Bath Design Trends 8

                    8 of 10 Traditional Technology in Non-Traditional Spaces Sometimes there’s a way to start with a traditional item; in this case an appliance and apply or install it in a unique way and have the result be a solution to a large challenge. This kitchen Continue Reading

Top 10 Kitchen & Bath Design Trends 7

    7 of 10 Repeating + Complementing Shapes Starting with a particular shape and repeating it in various sizes, colors and textures adds a continuum that is soothing, easy to accept when you enter the room. It’s a principle that other areas of design are tapped into as well. In this bathroom, the square Continue Reading

Top 10 Kitchen & Bath Design Trends 6

                          6 of 10 Symmetry in Design A strong sense of symmetry enacted in room design creates stability and balance. If not a mirror reflection of itself, the space should possess components and pieces that act as counterbalance to the one another. A Continue Reading

Top 10 Kitchen and Bath Design Trends 5

5 of 10 Suspended Lighting Suspended lighting allows for a number of outcomes, and in kitchen design the result is dangling focal points that drop light onto defined areas of countertop, dining surfaces or flooring. The result can also be artistic pieces of sculpture that contribute to the visual appeal of a space, exuding light, Continue Reading

Top 10 Kitchen and Bath Design Trends 4

4 of 10 The White Kitchen, Reinvented The white kitchen has been called many things – classic, contemporary, clean, sparse, but one thing can be said; it’s a consistent in kitchen design. White has never entirely gone away, but neatly and cleverly reinvented itself to remain in the archives and future of home kitchens. There Continue Reading

Top 10 Kitchen and Bath Design Trends 3

3 of 10 Color Infusion Behind Glass A simple painted wall with glass panels overlaid creates a sleek sheen of color with the smooth surface complimentary to shimmering appliances and gleaming countertops. A cook top wall has become a calm cool focal point in this family kitchen. Beautifully, a contemporary palette was incorporated into the Continue Reading

Top 10 Kitchen and Bath Design Trends 2

2 of 10 Interior Use of Concrete Concrete brought into the house is prevalent in several contexts. In this master bathroom, concrete is at the center of the primary focal point. The floating pomelle seppele vanity cabinet surrounded by recycled glass tiles is the foundation for a concrete countertop with integrated sinks. The concrete surface Continue Reading

Top 10 Kitchen & Bath Design Trends 1

1 of 10 Glossy Finishes and Fixtures Shimmering surfaces, shining fixtures, high-sheen finishes, and perfectly placed lighting accents are a prominent personality trait of current kitchens. This kitchen is a fine composition of stainless steel, walnut wood veneer, and light reflecting off a vast Calcutta gold marble island top. Lights dotting the floor at the Continue Reading