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Naples Condo Remodel

August 2014:  Naples, Florida – This condo remodel consists of  kitchen & bathroom demo to provide for relocation of kitchen appliances and reconfigure closets.  Plumbing and electrical were relocated and carpet removed from lanai.  All appliances, mirrors, fixtures, etc. were replaced. Scheduled for Completion: October  2014

Written by Bethany Carter

August 2013: Condo Remodel

August 2013: Fort Myers Beach, FL – This is a complete remodel on a Penthouse unit in the Terra Mar complex. The entire condo will be completely gutted and updated from floor to ceiling. The layout of the kitchen will be redesigned, as well as interior door reconfiguration to accommodate door upgrades.

Estimated Completion: November 2013

Written by Bethany Carter

August 2013: Bath & Kitchen Remodel

August 2013: Lehigh Acres, FL – This is the second set of remodels for this home. This time, the guest bathroom is to be completely gutted including flooring and all fixtures.
The kitchen is to be completely gutted, including flooring and fixtures as well as relocating plumbing lines.
The front entryway to also be reconfigured to accommodate door upgrade.

Scheduled for Completion: August 2013


Written by Bethany Carter

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Traditional Technology in Non-Traditional Spaces

Sometimes there’s a way to start with a traditional item; in this case an appliance and apply or install it in a unique way and have the result be a solution to a large challenge. This kitchen began with the inflexible obstacles of plumbing, venting, and openings, which were not to be moved. Fridge drawers are integrated and incorporated into the sleek and clean lines of the cabinetry and overall space. A steam oven is added where the sink plumbing existed. And technology remains tucked conveniently away, while offering a solid functional solution to space challenges. Design by Jens Birkkjaer, CKD, Denca, Calgary, AB; Photo by TrilogyStudios.ca




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Symmetry in Design

A strong sense of symmetry enacted in room design creates stability and balance. If not a mirror reflection of itself, the space should possess components and pieces that act as counterbalance to the one another. A large framed window anchors the wall behind the sink and open cabinetry, glass door cabinetry and open wire doors draw the eye up and around the well-composed room. Symmetrical placements within design generate purpose and contentment. Symmetry as a design trend appears rooted to remain, simply translated into contemporary applications and with current styling impacting change. Design by Earl Lawson, V6B Design Group, Vancouver, BC; Photo courtesy of V6B Design Group







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Ceilings that make a big impression

These stunning ceilings bring a whole new level of style and luxury.

Sophisticated Coffered Ceiling

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Coffered ceilings add drama to this kitchens subtle Arabian influenced design, while a touchscreen enables control over the whole homes systems, and an LCD screen lets the chef tune into cooking shows and other favorite programming. Work of Art Kitchen. -HGTV.com

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The Worst Kitchen in America- How does your kitchen stack up?

This is the kitchen designated by Kitchen Crashers as DIY Network’s Worst Kitchen in America. The prize was a brand new designer kitchen. Not only was the kitchen completely renovated, but it was actually relocated to a different part of the house to allow for more space. Because the old kitchen space was so tiny, it was converted into a supply closet. In order to accommodate  a more spacious kitchen, the living room, which took up over a third of the home’s floorplan, was divided in half.
Once you see this transformation and realize that your kitchen is more like the “Before” photos, let us help get your kitchen to the “After” you have always dreamed of.


Prior to the renovation, some of the less-than-stellar features in this sad little kitchen included mismatched cabinets (wood panel above; painted white below), bad lighting, cabinet doors that were falling off their hinges, worn laminate backsplash and appliances that barely worked.

The countertops in the kitchen were wood composite with a faux granite laminate. The wood particleboard had begun to deteriorate from underneath to a point that it had started to leave sawdust residue on the floor.

The old sink and worn-out laminate offer precious little in the way of kitchen aesthetics.



The renovation results in a kitchen that’s perfectly equipped for meal prep, offers more breathing room and which transitions nicely into a casual and comfortable living space.


By incorporating a contiguous kitchen and living area, the new design is better suited not only to cooking, but to family gatherings and casual entertaining.

Smart workspace planning, subdued lighting and carefully integrated elements are all key in the design of the new kitchen. An eye-pleasing color scheme, beadboard ceiling, recessed pot lights and a sliding barn door help define and unify the new space.

The updated kitchen features custom cabinetry, quartz countertops, a copper-top center island and new appliances in brushed stainless steel.


The new kitchen fairly sparkles — dressed out with quartz countertops, a copper farmhouse sink and designer faucet in coordinating pebbled brushed copper.